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What Is Aim Assist and Does It Work?

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Person playing playstation 5Have you ever been playing a game online and no matter how hard you try, other players seem to be making one-shot-kills time after time? These days, it's hard to know if the person on the other side of the world that seems to have precision aim, is genuinely a great player, or if they're using some form of "aim assist".

So what is it? And does it actually work?

Well we firstly need to look at what type of aim assist we're talking about. This depends largely on the platform the game is being played on, and the control input being used. 

Digital Aim Assistance:

Let's look at digital or 'in-game' aim assistance first. This is typically where a player enables or configures aim settings within the game itself. For example, in Call of Duty Warzone, players can choose different aim assistance settings to help, depending on their level of ability. These are perfectly acceptable to use and are available to all players, so keeps the playing field even. 

Then there are those that use illegal software and codes to 'cheat' the system and enable them to hit their targets first time, every time. Players using this method have long been a nuisance to the gaming community, and the subject of several hot threads on forums worldwide. Game developers are constantly trying to improve their anti-cheat capability to remove and block cheaters - but it's still a widespread problem on both PC and consoles. 

Physical Aim Assistance:

Another method of aim assistance is actually in physical form. These are more often used with console controllers, and provide resistance to the joysticks used for aiming. The most common form are small discs of foam or soft material that are installed under the surface of the joystick. Most kits provide differing levels of resistance - for example, the Powerwave Aim Assist Packs provide three; high, medium and low. 

Three levels of resistance on the Powerwave Aim Assist Packs include high, medium and low.

In addition to the resistance rings, physical aim assistance also include joystick extensions, to raise the height of the joysticks and provide more accuracy. You can also purchase stick on joystick grips, to avoid slipping for any sweaty hands. 

Physical aim assistance products help those playing with a controller compete against those using a mouse on PC for cross-platform play. Ultimately, it comes down to each player and their level of confidence and skill when playing shooters. If you need a little assistance, try looking at the game's built-in assistance settings, and if that fails, then a physical aim assist pack might be just what you need! 

One thing we can all agree on though, is there's no need to cheat - and with software developers cracking down on those using illegal mods, you're better off playing fair to begin with. 

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