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Game Ship's Guide to an Awesome Gaming Night

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Game Ship Guide to an Awesome Gaming Night

As restrictions on gatherings ease across the nation, it’s time to get together with friends and host an awesome gaming night. Hosting a party can be stressful – but we’ve got you covered with our Game Ship Guide!

Choose the theme beforehand

No one likes indecisiveness at the best of times, so don’t leave the theme to the last minute. By planning ahead and choosing some games, you won’t waste a minute of gaming time once your friends arrive. Remember to choose games that work well in multiplayer mode, and those that you and your friends can enjoy.

Have the right Accessories

Once you have a theme, work out the logistics of your game night. Choose which console (or PC) you’ll be playing on and make sure you have at least a spare controller and battery pack. It’s a great idea to have an extra-long USB charging cable so you don’t get caught out of charge, or keep your spare controllers on a charging dock so they’re always ready to go!

If you’ve chosen some FPS games and want to nail the headshot kills every time, an aim assist pack may be your secret weapon! If you’re looking for speed however, choose a pro controller with programmable buttons, or one with a rapid fire option.

If you’re playing against others that aren’t in the room – a headset is essential for staying focused and in the game. They’re also handy if you have some background noise over at the snack table – which brings us to our next point!

Snacks and Drinks

No party is complete without plenty of snacks and ice-cold drinks to keep you energised throughout the night. Make sure you have something for everyone, and check if your friends have any allergies.

Optimal Internet Bandwidth

By eliminating devices that drain your home wi-fi, you can free up bandwidth to ensure your games run smoothly without any glitches or lag. Remember that items like smart devices are always connected, so turn off any that are not in use. This also helps remove distractions so you can stay in the zone!

Keep Score (but have fun)

Everyone loves to be a little competitive from time to time, so why not keep score throughout the night so the winner can take home the ultimate prize – bragging rights! While it’s nice to compete, remember it’s all in good fun, so just enjoy the night.

Stay tuned for more Game Ship Guides coming out soon, and happy gaming!

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