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Powerwave PS5 Trigger Stop and Grip Pack

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Game like a pro with the Powerwave PS5 Grip and Trigger Pack. The enhanced grips add a comfortable texture, while the adjustable mechanism allows you to customise your trigger stop points for faster shooting in-game.

This pack also includes three sets of trigger caps allowing you to change up your R2 and L2 buttons to different lengths to suit your gameplay. 

This pack makes a huge difference to your game play and is a great option if you want a competitive edge over the competition. Once you've used the Trigger Stop and Grip pack, you'll never want to play without it!

- Enhanced grip
- Adjustable trigger resistance
- Trigger customisation
- Easy to install

- Right and left controller grips with adjustable trigger functionality
- Short R2 and L2 trigger caps
- Medium R2 and L2 trigger caps
- Long R2 and L2 trigger caps

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