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PS1 | Need for Speed II [PRE-OWNED]

PS1 | Need for Speed II [PRE-OWNED]

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Condition: Pre-Owned
Case: Original Case
Booklet: Original Booklet Included
Disc: Good - Minimal Scratches
Players: 1-2

Game Description: (aka Need for Speed 2)
The Untouchables
NEW - 8 Licensed Supercars modeled to exact specs
- McLaren F1
- Ferrari F50
- Lotus GT1
- Italdesign Cala
- Isdera Commendatore 112i
- Jaguar XJ220
- Ford GT90
- Lotus Esprit V8
NEW - 3-D Engine
faster, tougher, go offroad
NEW - International Courses
from the Outback to the Himalayas
NEW - Arcade Mode
power slides, burnouts, and bootleg turns
NEW - Customization
gear ratios, downforce, brake bias, and color

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