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Disc Re-surfacing / Repairs

Disc Re-surfacing / Repairs

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Have a few games that don't work anymore? Bought some games off marketplaces and found out they're not as clean as you'd like?

We can help. Disc Re-surfacing is available at Game Ship!

We use a professional disc re-surfacing machine to repair scratches and marks to give your games, CDs, DVDs, or Blurays a fresh new face. 

We accept discs in quantities of 10. If you have more than 100 discs, please contact us and we'll arrange a custom quote. 



Repairing your discs is easy - there's just three simple steps:

  1. Process your order online by choosing the number of discs you need cleaned and add them to your cart. 
  2. Once you've paid, drop into your local Australia Post Office and send your discs to PO Box 517, Pascoe Vale VIC 3044.
  3. We'll repair your discs and post them back to you.

Note: We'll cover the postage back to you, but you'll need to pay the cost of getting the discs to us. Make sure you send them in a appropriate packaging to avoid any further damage to the discs.


Terms & Conditions for Disc Re-surfacing:

  • We will do our absolute best to remove all the scratches without compromising the disc.
  • We cannot guarantee that repairing the disc will work in all cases - unfortunately some discs are beyond repair. We'll let you know if this is the case for any of your discs. 
  • The repair machine does not fix cracks or chips in the disc.
  • By sending your discs to us, you're agreeing that Game Ship cannot be held liable for any further damage to your discs. 



10 discs $40.00 Total ($4.00 per disc)
20 discs $76.00 Total ($3.80 per disc)
30 discs $108.00 Total ($3.60 per disc)
40 discs $136.00 Total ($3.40 per disc)
50 discs $160.00 Total ($3.20 per disc)
60 discs $180.00 Total ($3.00 per disc)
70 discs $196.00 Total ($2.80 per disc)
80 discs $208.00 Total ($2.60 per disc)
90 discs $216.00 Total ($2.40 per disc)
100 discs $220.00 Total ($2.20 per disc)
100+ discs $2.00 per disc (contact us to arrange)